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whiteCryption meklē programmētājus

Kategorija: Kriptogrāfija + Vakances

* Designing and implementing software protection technologies
* Creating formal requirements and design documentation
* Analyzing, reviewing and validating source code and security applications to match defined security attributes
* Providing consultations to junior colleagues to ensure qualificationimprovements
* Achieving deadlines and project objectives

Basic qualification requirements:
* Bachelor or master in computer science or a related field (or adequate education)
* Practical work experience of at least 5 years working as a software developer
* Excellence at object oriented software design
* Proficiency in C, C# and C++ programming
* Strong problem-solving and analytical skills
* Ability to work independently and take responsibility of the result
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
* Ability to successfully work with associates within an international software development team

Specific qualification requirements:
* Basic knowledge of applied cryptography
* Familiarity with MS Visual Studio and Xcode development tools
* Experience in software development on platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android
* Familiarity with compiler infrastructures, e.g. LLVM
* Understanding of software protection principles and technologies
* Knowledge of assembly languages, e.g. x86 and ARM
* Experience with debugging and disassembling tools

We offer:
* Interesting and challenging work in a growing, stable and reliable company
* Experience in international projects for first-rate global companies
* Projects that deploy cutting-edge security technologies
* Advantage of work in a great work environment in a young and dynamic team
* Competitive salary, attractive compensation package and benefits

whiteCryption also offers positions for young and talented students to join our development team to build up experience in real-world projects and to write their bachelor or master thesis.

Additional notes:
Please send your CV in English.


2011-08-18  »  edgars

Re: whiteCryption meklē programmētājus

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