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E-Global Trade & Finance Group meklē IT drošības inženieri

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Required competences:
·      3+ experience in hands-on IT Security.
·      Received formal IT Security training and certification.
·      Firm understanding in:
o   Web application security vulnerabilities and best practices to mitigate them.
o   Programming languages: PHP, Python
o   Database security: MySQL, PostgreSQL
o   Operating systems security: Linux servers, Windows Servers
o   Network security
o   Workstation security
o   Office security.
·      Network architecture, zoning, VLANs, firewalls, switches, routers.
·      Development and scripting skills.

·      Update and enforce the IT Security Policy for IT and all company employees.
·      Build and update the Enterprise Information Security Architecture.
·      Perform daily IT security audits and intrusion detection routines.
·      Compose the non-functional security requirements for development and infrastructure teams.
·      Perform static code analysis and security testing to identify vulnerabilities in software development process.
·      Execute the control function in IT infrastructure change process, and identify potential new risks created.
·      Investigate security incidents, track intruders; work with Police, ISPs, and hosting providers.
·      Keep track of vulnerabilities backlog, prioritize it; define requirements and solutions for risk mitigation.
·      Drive company towards PCI-DSS compliance.
·      Educate all employees on IT Security.
·      You will be reporting to CIO.

We offer:
·      Work in ambitious Forex business
·      Medical insurance
·      Modern office in center of Riga
·      Friendly team and career growth opportunities

Education required: University degree
Languages required: English, Russian, Latvian
Work experience required: 2-5 years
Working time: Full-time work
Start of work: ASAP
Contact person:  Maris Veide, Chief Information Officer
Address  2 Citadeles, Rīga, Rīgas rajons
Telephone  +371 29123034



2012-11-17  »  edgars

  1. Name
    18 November 2012 @ 01:34

    Maris būs mācījies no savām kļūdām. Apsveicami!
    Bet kurš vēl grib mācīties no savām kļūdām?

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